Ythan wreck

After putting up a photo of turnstones sitting on the wreck near the mouth of the Ythan I was asked what was the story oft the boat. Well I didn’t know, but I knew a man who did.

Ron Macdonald was able to fill me in with a little detail.

The wreck is all that remains of the Leith trawler ‘Keremma’. On 21 April 1976, the salvage vessel ‘Minto’ was towing her to Fraserburgh when both boats ran aground at the mouth of the estuary. She leaked several hundred gallons of diesel into the estuary which polluted the mussel beds and some loss of wildlife. So it has sat there for 43 years gradually breaking up and integrating into the Ythan itself. It is very satisfying seeing the wildlife use it, the turnstones as a high tide roost and in the summer the tern youngsters often use it as a resting while they wait for their parents to bring them the next fish. It is now a very well photographed feature of the Ythan mouth.

So now I know and when I next walk along the beach another small piece of what is an endless story of the NNR, will have fallen into place.