The great Forvie beach craft challenge

We want to set you a challenge. Can you make use of beach rubbish recovered from Forvie beach? Or any other beach for that matter?

Every year we pick up tons of rubbish from the Forvie NNR coast line. Much of it is plastic and nearly all of it has to go into landfill. And every piece has been carelessly discarded.

Rather than burying it all in the ground, how about if some it could be put to use? Like a spoecia lepisode of where “Blue Peter meets Scrapheap Challenge” Forvie staff have been having a go at putting some of the beach rubbish to a working use. Here are some of the finished items.

A mat made from beach rope.
One of several different bucket designs we have tried.
A garden water butt made from a plastic drum off a beach.
Van storage using fish boxes.
Van storage using old netting off a beach
A cat-scratching pole using beach rope.

Do you fancy having a go? If so we have put some large ton sacks of all sorts of beach rubbish by the Forvie centre entrance for you to help yourself and get making.

There are also items that can be just reused as themselves. Fancy a couple of desk tidies? A stair banister? A football? Some rope? Boat bouys and floats? An inflatable flamingo? Just help yourself.

An inflatable flamingo of course.

All we ask is for you to send us some pictures of what you have made to or tagging SNH into pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Also you might have been doing this for years, if so we would love to see your ideas and creations, please send them through or tag us on social media.

Every piece of plastic rubbish re-used might save you money and stop another new piece of plastic being purchased and entering the system.

So get making! And show us the result!

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