Happy New Year!

And we’re back, or at least I am, (while the rest of the team enjoys their last days of holiday) but I’ve still got the birds to keep me company…

Not just the birds but the seals too, that’s quite a turn out!

I hope everyone’s had a great start to their year! It’s certainly been a beautiful January so far, the mornings have been chilly but with some cracking sunrises here at Forvie!

It’s certainly a stunning commute at this time of year.

Although Forvie hasn’t been looking too icy or snowy it’s a different story over at Dinnet with Thursday greeting me with snowy spells and both their lochs being partially frozen over.

Chilly Deeside.
And a almost summery looking Forvie.

I’m almost jealous of the colder weather over at Dinnet, my last two bird counts there have been a complete breeze with all the waterfowl being corralled into the few unfrozen pockets on the two lochs, if only it was so easy on the Ythan…

It’s actually quiet handy for another reason too. Seeing a waterfowl line up of a teal, wigeon, mallard, goldeneye and graylag all side by side on the ice puts some context into the size comparison between these birds and gives a amateur birder like me a lot more useful information than your typical pocket bird guide.

Swan butts on the air while they feed under water at Loch Davan.
Some snowy hills and threatening clouds above Loch Davan.
And on the other hand Forvie being usually bonnie for January.

Despite the sunny weather at Forvie its been a fairly quiet week, I’m guessing it’s due to a mix of everyone now either being back at work or enjoying their last days of freedom at home, but I’m not complaining, it was strange-but quite nice-to have done a patrol of the site and not bumped into more than 5 people. It gave me a chance to think about the busy year ahead and all the brushcutting, butterfly counting, tern babysitting etc to come, so maybe a slow start to the year isn’t all that bad.

We’re looking forward to a great 2022 here at Forvie and we’re hoping you’re able to come and visit us soon!