The Forvie Team

The Forvie NNR team are based at our office in Collieston at the north of the reserve.

They work together to make sure Forvie NNR is one of the best places in Scotland for wildlife and visitors.

David Pickett (Reserve manager)

David has been around a bit. Though he is new to Forvie he has worked on National Nature Reserves near Stirling and on the Isle of May. He is currently on what you would call a steep learning curve but is loving it.

Daryl Short (Reserve officer)

Daryl knows the reserve and its birds like the back of his hand. He is the go-to-man for practical knowhow and seabirds and passerines. However most rare birds turn up when Daryl is on holiday so the rest of the team plan their birdwatching accordingly.

Patrick Antonakis (Reserve officer)

Patrick comes to us from volunteering with the RSPB and brings with him invaluable qualities of enthusiasm, height, youth and experience of the business world. He is the face of the reserve at weekends and the staff member you are most likely to meet on the paths at those times.